I'm Kaitlyn. I'm currently twenty -20- Proud sister of Delta Omega Rho. Currently a sophomore at California State University Monterey Bay. White girl who just likes to have fun. Crazy. Weird. Honest. Friendly, Tall - 5'10"- & sweet.♥


Feel free to ask me anything :D



; Enjoys: Greek life. Phillies. Music. Reality tv. BLACK boys. Animals. Fashion. Twitter. Water. Diamonds. High heels. Mansions. Justin Bieber. Jason Derulo. Chris Brown. Dane Cook. Smiles. Movies. x o x o *
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I’m so proud to be a Rhodie. I’m so thankful to have their amazing support while I’m on my new journey. I love you all! #deltaomegarho #rhodies #sisters #greeks #sororitylife #csumb #dorush #rhodiesostudyabroad #stirlinguni #universityofstirling


I hate when you find someone soooooo attractive, but when they open their mouth, you lose interest.

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Today has been so amazing with so many great things that I couldn’t just post one. 1. My sister surprised me with the most beautiful engraved locket as a going away gift. 2. I had dinner at the super delicious The Boiling Crab with my Little and G-Little. 3. My Little and G-Little surprised me with going away gifts and letters from my sisters. I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people in my life. #100happydays #day89 #universityofstirling #deltaomegarho #rhodies #sisters #trelos
If you’re interested in going Greek, come check out Delta Omega Rho during tabling to find out why we’re the best team to play for. #deltaomegarho #rhodies #greeks #sororitylife #csumb #dorush


I may not see or spend enough time with my Big as much as I like but I really can’t imagine not seeing her for that long. She’s the only person that always knows where I’m coming from and never makes me feel bad for anything. She just gets it. I miss her so much already & she hasn’t even left yet. It’s really getting to me.

I love you so much Little! I know I tell you this all the time but I’m always here for you, even if I’m thousands of miles away. I miss you already <3


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important







Fifty Shades of Domestic Abuse

50 Shades of Damaging Stereotypes 

Fifty Shades of Wanna Guess How Many People Will Be Hospitalized Due To Flesh Wounds From Improper Knots After The Movie?

50 Shades of Glorified Abuse

50 Shades of Kidney Damage from Incompetent Crop Use

Fifty Shades of Pathological Violence Due To Past Trauma Isn’t Kink




just so yall dont go harish on yourself

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this is more dramatic than a Lana Del Rey music video


do u ever go to unfollow someone but then u see some rly good posts and u just kind of 


you can stay


for now